Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frogs Changing Sex....Are We In Wonderland?


Anyone else feel like Alice, bumping around in Wonderland?  We are trying to go about our business, trusting that we are safe on this planet amongst our own kind, when, all of a sudden, things are not as they appear.  They are distorted and mad.  Oh yes, the EPA did "re-approve" Atrazine in 2006, assuring us there was no problem and allowing us to continue use on everything from lawns to corn fields, to the point where it is the primary chemical found in our waterways.  The Swiss Agri-giant Sygentra promised us its safe and fine.  Why would we not believe them, just because they manufacture the stuff?  But now it is 2010 and well, unfortunately, it looks like the stuff makes male frogs lay eggs.

Turns out the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland may have been based on the London hatters who were exposed to mercury in the pelt curing process used at that time.  It seems things are the same as ever:  a little insanity (and/or rearranging of  reproductive organs) is apparently worth the buck. 

Here is a link to the Washington Post  Weedkiller In Waterways Leads to Change in Frogs Sex Traits

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