Friday, January 15, 2010

Numen: The Nature of Plants (from Steve and Herb Exhange)

Mid-January, 2010

Hello folks:

Even though the Herb Exchange is dormant during the winter, and we are not
in the office daily, you can still order roots (weather dependent, of
course). Feel free to inquire.

Also, please post the attached flyer and treat yourself to an outstanding
event at one of the two upcoming screenings of the groundbreaking film,

The first screening, described below, is in the town of Sonoma on Saturday,
January 23, and the second will be in Sebastopol on February 11.

Meanwhile, may you enjoy the stillness of winter.

West Coast Premiere of the film NUMEN, THE NATURE OF PLANTS
Sonoma Environental Film Festival
Saturday, January 23 10:40 AM Free Admission
Sonoma Women's Club, 574 First St. East, Sonoma 95467

This extraordinary film focuses on the healing power of plants and the
natural world. Filmmakers Terrence Youk and Ann Armbrecht travelled the U.S.
to speak with doctors and herbalists, ethnobotanists and others about human
and environmental health, and to discover how healing is made possible by
embracing our place in the wider web of life. Stunning footage of
medicinals plants accompanys discussion of the re-awakening of traditional
knowledge of plants and a vision of safe, effective and sustainable

Interviewees include herbalists Rosemary Gladstar, David Hoffmann, Dr.
Tierona Lowdog, Lynda LeMole, Kenny Ausubel, Phyllis Light, and others.

Following the film will be a discussion with Leslie Gardner, Director of the
Sonoma County Herb Exchange and faculty member California School of Herbal
Studies, Lynda LeMole, Executive Director of United Plant Savers, and David
Hoffmann, Research and Development at Traditional Medicinals Tea Company and
faculty member California School of Herbal Studies. There will also be a
demonstration of the making of a plant tincture with locally grown roots.

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  1. Thanks for posting this information on Numen!

    Until our website is updated, you can follow information about screenings of Numen on facebook:

    Or watch a 10-minute preview on You Tube:

    Thanks for your support,
    Ann (co-producer, Numen)