Monday, November 30, 2009

Lughnasadadh (from Linda Johnson)

Hi Kirsten,

At our last class gathering I read a blessing to the class before we went off to work in the garden. Wendy asked me to send you a copy of what I read to be posted on the blog.

The bread/food blessing is just part of a holiday or Sabbat ritual I performed a few years ago for the celebration of Lughnasadh (LOO-na-sa) the feast of Lugh who is the Celtic Sun God. The feast was said to be held in honor of his *foster mother who gave of her fertility and her life so that the land of Ireland would always provide the people.

Lughnasadh is celebrated on August 1st and is associated with the grain harvest. It is the Pagan version of Thanksgiving.

*Foster mother is an old term meaning nurse or milk mother. Her name I do not know for sure. Some mythologists think that it refers to Tara, a later (Roman influenced) name for the Celtic Earth Goddess earlier known as Anu.

The blessing is as follows:

"The apple is red with fire, the corn is golden with life, the oak is green with light. All cherish the bright and glorious sun. Blessed are they, blessed are the grounds from which they grow. Oh Great Divine grant us the wisdom and the power to help seed, grow and feed the earth and all it's creatures. So Blessed be."

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