Friday, October 2, 2009

A Day of Tomato Seed-Saving on The Farm

Notes on Saving Tomato Seeds
-    Each seed is individually pollinated (can relate each one of them back to a different part of the flower that was pollinated...just like each silk on a corn cob is related back to a seed or kernel
-    On the outside of all tomato seeds is a gelatinous coating that helps seeds pass through animals (and therefore get distributed)
-    To harvest seeds that will propagate, you’ve got to get rid of the coating
-    Must rot tomatoes to ferment them – thereby creating an acid mixture that will eat the coating off
-    To do this, put smashed tomatoes in a bucket
-    Add water
-    Let sit for 7-10 days – stirring occasionally
-    After sitting, sift chunky parts of tomatoes away until you have just the seeds
-    Dry the seeds for saving

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